Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Pseudo- culture/ Trans - culture/ Authentic culture

The Urban Village is the challenging subject I encounter first in Delhi. Khirkee village , the place where the residency program going on is widely accepted as an urban village crowded with a huge variety of people, Africans, Biharies (mainly the construction workers), urban and semi- urban mass . The jammed pocket roads are the play grounds of children live here, instead of public space or pedestrianization - which are the characteristic of an urban village in theory. Introduction of three posh Malls just opposite to this urban village looks ironical and intolerable which questioning the rationality of the, political economical and cultural climate of our country. Many cultural organizations and multinational companies are tactfully using the connotative meaning of the label- urban village, equally. Which produce a horrible junk in our society – pseudo- culture.

Each week almost a billion of people consume the pseudo- cultural products offered by movie theaters, FM stations and televisions. This dissemination of the pseudo- cultural product, whom does it benefit or harm? Who stands to lose or gain from it? This kind of pseudo- economic and cultural condition, glosses over the most profound human problems, concealing their underlying real and living contradictions.

The consumer has nothing to gain from this pseudo – cultural consumption, since all it does is confirm ones abstract, refined human existence, and prevent from establishing the sort of relationship required by the true authentic culture, who gain from the mystification of this relationship, a mystification itself in all its gravity in mass consumption? It can only be the producer, the capitalist.

But it is not mass alone who suffers; it is a loss for all human who were consciously struggling to establish a truly cultured social order. This is also a loss
in turn for the authentic culture (art, literature and revolution) as an expression of what is specifically cultural and human social order. There is a total lack of communication between authentic culture or art or superstructure and mass. In the conditions the general public prefers pseudo – artistic or cultural products.

 The manipulation of consciousness on a massive scale has become vital to capitalism, from both economically and ideologically.

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