Sunday, 29 May 2011

Creating a new Gender politics

Proclamations to legitimize the gay act in India completely disturbed the social belief in relationships. Away from the gender boundaries it also negotiates free (free from social norms) relationships. Lesbianism and gay culture somehow fortifies feminist activisms in India. Unfortunately sometimes, “homosexuality”, becomes a glamorous or intellectual term. But we should realise that a person doesn’t need any intellectual ideology or philosophy to lead his/her life as homosexuals. The strong terminating hatred of our society against homosexuality leads a person who believes in that, to take up activism. And people who write and work on it are often labeled in the society as feminist, homosexuals, etc. 

Pallavi Singh is a" notorious" personality among peers. She holds a wonderful studio in Khoj with wide long windows, one that opens to the street and other that opens into the inner courtyard. She showed her works one night and for a while I felt tired. But slowly, they started to hit the social reality of sexuality and gender without any concession of philosophizing and shame. Her autoerotic men and moral women ask enough controversial questions. The intrusion shown in her works is a dogged entering of one’s existence and questioning their right to live. The sexual appetite of old men who try to be an innocent kids, wrapped in humor and sarcasm make the viewer laugh but catalyze the fact - civilization is a lie, nothing more!
The works begin to doubt the universal validity of male gaze- whether the gaze is always male or whether it is merely dominant among the range of different gazes including female gaze? It fortifies a new class of people who enjoy companies of both genders. Although most of her old works show certain kind of feminism by discussing the way women are looked at in a patriarchal society, she has recently radically moved to a different perspective and is questioning the established institutions of society regarding gender, sexual relationships and marriage.

These are Pallavi`s earlier works.

Auto Ride, Acrylic On Canvas,48"x60"

Gossip, Mixmedia On Paper,48"x72"

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