Thursday, 2 June 2011

Creation of Form

After three long days of a train journey I touched Delhi. Pallavi introduced me to Praveen in the opening day. While we talked casually, I said I had a damn head ache. Suddenly he said “….yoga karo sab teek ho jayega!”. (it will be alright if you start doing yoga with me!). He showed me his works at night and felt they are nowhere in boundaries of print making nor sculpture.

He started working from the first day, but with his brain full of confusion. He continuously crushes printed papers and starts to fill the studio with the heavily crushed papers. He then randomly snatches them and sticks them together. Praveen`s work was without the faculty of composition, mas and contrast when he started it, but after ten or fifteen days it migrated to a certain kind of composition and ideas of space. Now he is trying to experiment with the space and the material, thinking on more possibilities like videos, sound and light. I am helping him to make the videos, which shows the action of crushing and the movement of fingers and project them on the work. His works often trace the `action` behind the process and the action ends at the psychological fact behind it. Still we are discussing and quarreling with each other about the execution and concept of his work during the tea time gatherings.

I think, I need a series of photographs to show how he started his work and developed in to a certain level

Image 1: he uses offset printed grid paper, giving it a feeling of a graph, grid.

Image 2: he started to use coloured paper, merging one form with the other

Image 3: he comes across a certain composition and idea of space.

Image 4: projection of the process on the form.

Image 5: 'At Last': He shifted to a larger space and that changed all his forms. He is currently trying to work in accordance to the new space.

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